Best Crossbow Broadheads for Maximum Penetration and Accuracy in 2023

Do you want to know the difference between crossbow broadheads and regular broadheads? Some archers find that they can accurately shoot their preferred vertical bow broadheads on their crossbows as well. However, there are some design differences to consider in order to account for the higher speed and kinetic energy of crossbows.

If you’re having trouble getting good groupings with your regular compound bow broadheads, it might be time to switch to crossbow-specific broadheads. Many broadhead companies now offer products specifically designed for crossbow shooters. This guide covers the best crossbow broadheads for deer hunting and the various factors you should consider when choosing them.

RAGE Crossbow 
  • Best Overall
ProducMuzzy Trocar
  • Best For Medium To Large Sizes Games
Product NaSwhacker Mechanical Broadheads
  • Best For Small to Medium Sized Games
Spitfire 3
  • Best For Hunting

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Crossbow Broadheads vs Regular Broadheads

Some seasoned bowhunters may claim that crossbow broadheads are just a marketing strategy and that the only difference is the word “crossbow” on the packaging. While this may have been true in the past, crossbow hunting has become increasingly popular and many companies now offer broadheads specifically designed for use with crossbows. It makes sense to use broadheads that are specifically made for the type of hunting you are doing, so if you hunt with a crossbow, it’s worth considering using crossbow-specific broadheads.

Shorter Blades

One key difference between regular broadheads and crossbow broadheads is the length of the blades. Crossbow broadheads often have shorter fixed blades to better fit the shorter length of crossbow bolts. These shorter blades help the arrow fly more accurately and reduces the impact of wind and air resistance on the arrow’s flight. This design helps improve the overall performance of the crossbow and makes it easier for hunters to get accurate shots on target.


Another key difference between regular broadheads and crossbow broadheads is the weight of the blades. Crossbow broadheads are often heavier, with weights ranging from 100 to 150 grains. This heavier weight helps provide weight-forward balance to the bolt, allowing the fletchings to work more effectively to stabilize the arrow’s flight. The increased weight also helps the arrow maintain more momentum upon impact, leading to more effective and accurate shots on target. It’s important to note that while there is some overlap in weight between regular broadheads and crossbow broadheads, it’s generally best to choose a broadhead specifically designed for crossbows to take advantage of these design features.


Crossbows fire their bolts at much higher speeds than traditional bows, and this can cause some mechanical broadheads to deploy too soon. This can lead to less than optimal penetration, or even a complete failure to deploy. Crossbow-specific broadheads are designed to deploy at the right time, ensuring optimal performance and maximum effectiveness.

Blade Retention

Crossbow broadhead manufacturers have designed stronger blade retention systems to keep the blades securely in place until impact. This is especially important for hunting, as a blade deploying too early could result in a poorly placed shot, leading to an injured animal that is difficult to track and recover.

Best Crossbow Broadheads Features

There are several key features to consider when selecting the best crossbow broadheads for your hunting needs. Some of the most important features to consider include:

Blade Type: Fixed blade or mechanical? Fixed blade broadheads are more durable and have better penetration, but may not be as accurate as mechanical broadheads. Mechanical broadheads are typically more accurate, but may not be as durable or have as much penetration as fixed blade broadheads.

Blade Material: The material of the blade can affect the strength and durability of the broadhead. Common blade materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium.

Blade Shape: The shape of the blade can affect the performance of the broadhead. Some common blade shapes include chisel tip, cut-on-contact, and hybrid.

Blade Number: The number of blades can also affect the performance of the broadhead. Some broadheads have a single blade, while others have two or more blades.

Blade Retention: The blade retention system is important for ensuring that the blades stay securely in place during flight and impact.

Weight: The weight of the broadhead can affect the accuracy and penetration of the arrow. Heavier broadheads may have better penetration, but may be less accurate. Lighter broadheads may be more accurate, but may not have as much penetration.

FOC (Front of Center): The FOC of the broadhead can affect the accuracy and stability of the arrow in flight. A higher FOC can help improve accuracy, but may not have as much penetration as a lower FOC broadhead.

Durability: The durability of the broadhead is important for ensuring that it can withstand the high speeds and impacts of crossbow shooting.

Price: The price of the broadhead can vary significantly, and may be a factor in your decision.

Warranty: It is always a good idea to choose a broadhead with a good warranty in case of any defects or issues.

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Top Crossbows Broadheads

Rage Crossbow X – Best Overall

The Rage Crossbow X broadhead is similar to the regular Rage 2 blade, but with a modified deployment mechanism that prevents the blades from expanding in flight. It also features a Shock Collar system that helps keep the rear cam deployment consistent. The blades are made of durable stainless steel and have a cutting diameter of 2 inches. If you have had issues with other mechanical blades opening too early, the Rage Crossbow X may be a good option to try.

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Muzzy Trocar – Best For Medium To Large Sizes Games

The Muzzy Trocar is a three-blade fixed broadhead that is designed for optimal penetration and accuracy. Its short stubby nose and hardened steel Trocar head-tip allow for extreme penetration, while its solid steel ferrule won’t buckle when striking bone, making it suitable for large game. The Muzzy Trocar also has a special right-helix design for solid stability, allowing it to fly like field tips. In addition, it is customizable with three different cutting diameters ranging from 1 inch to 1 1/4 inches.

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Swhacker Mechanical Broadheads – Best For Small to Medium Sized Games

The Swhacker broadheads are reliable mechanical broadheads that are designed to deploy effectively thanks to their solid construction. They have a hardened high-carbon steel cut-on-contact two-blade point that is extremely sharp. The broadheads also feature a set of wing blades that are designed to cut through hide and the first set of ribs upon impact. Once inside the animal, a second set of blades opens to cause damage to internal organs. The Swhacker has a large cutting diameter of 2 inches and is capable of demonstrating good penetration and durability. It can also hold onto the target when tested at angles. These broadheads are suitable for use on small to medium-sized game at all distances.

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Spitfire 3 – Best For Hunting

If you’re in search of a mechanical broadhead that performs like a field point and leaves a clear blood trail, the NAP Spitfire may be worth considering. In testing, this broadhead demonstrated good penetration with the 125 grain option, which has a slightly smaller cutting diameter of 1.5 inches. While this may not provide the widest wound channel, it still leaves a noticeable blood trail to help track the animal. The Spitfire is well-suited for hunting small to medium-sized game, thanks to its combination of a penetrating tip, decent cutting diameter, and mechanical action. It features three cut-on-contact, diamize sharpened blades, and the ferrule has microgrooves for improved accuracy and penetration.

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In conclusion, it is crucial to choose the right crossbow broadhead for your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer fixed blade or mechanical broadheads, there are many excellent options available for maximum penetration and accuracy in 2023. Some factors to consider when selecting a crossbow broadhead include blade retention, durability, and penetration. It is also important to match the broadhead to your specific crossbow setup, considering factors such as the draw weight and speed of the crossbow. By taking the time to research and test different broadheads, you can find the best option for successful and ethical hunting in the coming year.


Are mechanical or fixed broadheads better?

It ultimately comes down to personal preference and what works best for your specific hunting situation. Some hunters may prefer the accuracy and versatility of mechanical broadheads, while others may prefer the simplicity and strength of fixed blade broadheads. It’s important to try out both types and see what works best for you. Regardless of which type you choose, it’s important to use a broadhead that is specifically designed for crossbows, as they are designed to handle the higher speeds and kinetic energy of crossbow bolts.

What is the most accurate broadhead?

It is important to remember that the most accurate broadhead is not always the best choice for hunting. Factors such as durability, penetration, and blade retention should also be considered when selecting a broadhead for hunting. Fixed blade broadheads are typically more durable and have better penetration than mechanical broadheads, but may not be as accurate. Ultimately, the best broadhead for hunting will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the hunter.

Do crossbows use special broadheads?

Larger game, such as elk or moose, will require a broadhead with more penetration and blade retention, while smaller game, such as deer, may not require as much. It is also important to consider the distance you will be shooting and the speed of your crossbow, as these factors can affect the accuracy and effectiveness of the broadhead.
It is also important to follow all local laws and regulations when hunting with a crossbow, including any restrictions on the type of broadhead that can be used. It is always a good idea to consult with a local hunting expert or check with the local wildlife department to ensure you are using the proper equipment.